The most thorough program for developing, releasing and offering your digital course

Digital Course Academy ™ is the only execution program of its kind that not just reveals you precisely how to develop and provide your online course like a pro– however how to get it into the hands of lots and even numerous clients each month.

By the end of this program, you will have:


  • Nailed down your course subject(rather of costs yet another year simply thinking of it)
  • Validated your program to make certain your audience is ecstatic and prepared to investin it the minute it’s all set
  • Expertly tape-recorded and released all your course material(even if you’re an overall technophobe and have actually never ever tape-recorded a single video in your whole life)
  • Developed a high-converting webinar discussion and alluringprovide that authentically enlists your finest potential customers into your course
  • Leveraged a mix ofFacebook advertisements, e-mail marketing, and Instagramto get a jam-packed home of extremely certified potential customers onto your webinars every time
  • Crafted an engaging sales page and post-webinar e-mail funnelto enhance your course sales and make certain your hard-earned potential customers have the very best possible opportunity to transform
  • Implemented a brand-new trainee onboarding series to provide your trainees the very best possible opportunity at being successful in your course while significantly minimizing refunds

And …

  • Set up attempted and real evergreening methodsto move your course sales into auto-pilot so that you can scale your earnings development immediately


What’s Inside.
Digital Course Academy ™


Module 01: Planning Your Digital Course Launch

We’re gon na begin with completion in mind.

Prior to you invest at any time and energy developing your course you’re going to find out everything about what makes a course sell (and what makes a course flop).

You’re likewise going to get the within scoop regarding why LIVE webinars are still the very best method to offer your digital course, and why hurrying to automate or “evergreen,” while appealing, is a big error when simply beginning. (Hint: You’ll leave TONS of cash on the table if you hurry it!).

You’ll map out and arrange your whole course launch method (it’s easier than you believe!) That you have a crystal clear image of what you’ll be working towards throughout the rest of the program.


  • Discover the tricks of what makes a course sell and what makes a course flop.
  • Learn why live webinars are really more successful than automated so that you can withstand the temptation to “evergreen” prematurely, and stay 100% concentrated on your launch objectives.
  • Map out your whole advertising strategy and launch series (including your live webinars) so that you can understand right off the bat how you’re gon na offer your program rather of letting the looming worry drain all your energy and inspiration.


Module 02: Validating Your Course Idea

Absolutely nothing is scarier than investing time, energy, and cash into your course, just to discover, after the truth, that no one wants to spend for it.

This is the problem that the majority of course developers discover themselves in.

It’s not that they do not wish to verify their course concept. They’re simply overwhelmed by the procedure and have no idea how to tackle it.

They simply “hope and develop,” hoping that they’ll be the exception to the guideline. There’s a much better method. And in Module 2, I’ll reveal you how to verify like a pro in a portion of the time.

You’ll likewise get crystal clear on your Ideal Customer Avatar so that by the end of this module, you’ll have total clearness on who you serve, what they require, and what they’ll be thrilled to buy.

Significance, you’ll be equipped with overall self-confidence and enjoyment to begin developing your course.


  • Learn the 3 finest methods to verify your course concept prior to you hang out and cash developing it.
  • Refine your understanding of your perfect consumer so that you can “speak” to them in a manner that allures them to you and your course.
  • Solidify your course concept and primary guarantee. (Hint: this is the crucial to removing overwhelm while almost ensuring that what you develop will be a lucrative hit.)
  • Deploy the “Course Calls” recognition method to get sincere and clear insights WITHOUT costs hours on the phone or drowning in spreadsheets and studies.
  • How to utilize Instagram Stories to get “social recognition” for your course concept.
  • Gain the self-confidence to formally “greenlight” your course concept and progress with its production understanding that it will offer.


Module 03: The Art of Outlining Your Course

Perfectionists rejoice!

Raise your hand if you have this issue: You wish to make certain that you actually get all your concepts out of your head, however rapidly discover that the procedure spirals into an unmanageable, frustrating mess.

Yep. Absolutely get it.

As a professional and course developer, you wish to feel completely revealed in what you’re sharing, however you likewise wish to make certain that things remain arranged and actionable.

That’s why in Module 3, you’ll get access to the precise laying out procedure I’ve utilized to develop every among my smash hit, 7-figure programs without sensation overwhelmed or getting lost in the weeds.


  • The Art and Science of Naming your Course (tip: the name alone can and willaffect your course sales).
  • The Porterfield Process for Outlining Your Course (aka how to pull all the concepts out of your head in a sane, incredibly arranged, action-oriented method).
  • How to price your course in a manner that optimizes success without being an overall turn off for your core audience (getting this balance right is important to your success).


Module 04: Recording Your Course Content


Now that you’ve verified your course concept, drawn up your advertising strategy, and described your lessons, it’s time to strike “record!”.

For some, this is the most amazing part of the procedure. For others, it’s the most scary.

Wherever you arrive at the spectrum, this Module will break down the recording stage into an easy, enjoyable, and excuse-free procedure that ensures you get your course skillfully tape-recorded in a matter of a week rather of months.


  • How to pick the ideal recording method that finest matches your design, character, and experience (tip: you DON’T need to be on cam).
  • The art of teaching a digital course: Most course developers overlook this totally and after that shrug their shoulders when their trainees do not get outcomes. In this lesson, you’ll find out how to TEACH your material in a manner that provides greater conclusion outcomes, recommendations, and rates.
  • How to arrange, backup, and load all your course properties into a subscription website without losing files or turning your desktop into a digital warzone.


Module 05: Creating Your Profitable Webinar Presentation

Now that your course is developed, it’s time to establish the sales properties that will get it in the hands of hundreds and even countless clients every year.

Here, you’ll set your course earnings objectives, and establish a high-converting webinar discussion and sales page that works as the foundation of your course marketing for years and months to come.

Even if you’ve never ever provided a webinar or composed a sales page in your life, this module will break them down into basic, easy-to-execute actions that will lastly make you feel great about offering to a big, international audience at scale!


  • Set your earnings objectives for your live launch, and utilize the “webinar success tracker” to keep you on track to strike them.
  • Implement the 3-Step Profitable Webinar Framework that I’ve established and improved after offering near to 8-figures worth of online courses over the last 3 years.
  • Create an alluring launch deal to authentically close more sales on your webinar without ever feeling powerful, uncomfortable, or sleazy.
  • Learn the principles for providing a lucrative webinar that will slash your knowing curve in half, and have you creating expert-level outcomes almost right out of eviction.
  • Use my own expertly developed sales page design template to rapidly develop a page that offers your visitors the additional self-confidence required to enlist in your course.


Module 06: The Webinar Fill-Up Framework

You can have one of the most killer webinar discussion on the planet, however if you can’t fill the seats it’s all for absolutely nothing.

In the juiciest module of this program, you’ll find out how to utilize a best mix of e-mail marketing, Instagram Stories, and Facebook marketing to GUARANTEE you present to a jam-packed space loaded with ideal potential customers whenever.

Whether you currently have a strong e-mail list or are simply beginning, these methods will make certain you never ever awkwardly present to an empty space or the dreadful “pity program ups” from loved ones.


  • Deploy the Webinar Fill Up Formula that I’ve utilized to overcome 100,000+ perfectly-targeted potential customers onto my webinars over the last 3 years.
  • Learn the 5 crucial elements of a high-converting webinar registration page to make certain you never ever lose your valuable, hard-earned traffic.
  • Leverage expert-level e-mail marketing methods, design templates, and swipe files to send out engaging welcomes to your list and make certain they appear!
  • Use Instagram Stories (plus a sophisticated direct messaging method) to enhance webinar registration.
  • Finally (yes, lastly) find out how to utilize the precise, Facebook marketing method I’ve utilized to successfully fill my webinar space with perfectly-targeted audiences. (PS: This Facebook Ads method will not spend a lot!)


Module 07: How to Increase Webinar Sales

This is where you finish from “that’s good”results to “let’s clink white wine in Paris this weekend to commemorate”results.

Almost 50% of your sales will can be found in the “follow up,” yet this is where most course online marketers take their foot off the gas too soon.

When your webinar is done, it’s appealing to close up store and count your sales. Without carrying out the follow-up methods in Module 7, you’ll be leaving an excellent piece of your possible earnings on the table.

If you’re not a natural copywriter, developing a post-webinar e-mail funnel can be DAUNTING.

By utilizing the design templates and swipe files waiting for you inside this module, you’ll get rid of the uncertainty and get your “24/ 7 salespersons” up and running, registering trainees in record time.


  • Implement the post-webinar replay method to make certain that your no-shows (and non-registrants) still have the very best possible opportunity of registering.
  • Get my individual “webinar replay page” design template so that you can get your replay page up and running in a matter of minutes with no style or coding abilities.
  • Craft a high-converting post-webinar e-mail funnel that turns “maybes” and “fence caretakers” into raving clients.
  • How to develop a client onboarding series that primes your brand-new trainees for success while significantly minimizing soul-sucking (and cash-draining) refund demands.


Module 08: Live Webinar Success Secrets

It’s providing live webinars like a pro if there’s one ability that can serve you for years to come. Paradoxically, this is where most course online marketers do not have self-confidence and quit prematurely.

I completely get it. I utilized to be horrified of providing live webinars– and withstood doing anything that felt tacky, synthetic, or flat out uncomfortable.

Getting comfy providing your live webinars is so … sooo … sooooo essential to your success.

That’s why In Module 8, I’ll provide you the supreme faster way to establishing this ability, and making certain that you get EXCITED everytime you strike “begin webinar.”.

I assure you that as long as you’re dedicated to establishing this important ability, I’ll equip you with the methods and methods required to provide like a professional, and slowly develop your live conversion rates to industry-leading levels.


  • How to be a PRO on your live webinar, even if the concept of providing a webinar makes you wish to crawl in a deep dark hole with a psychological assistance animal.
  • The Live Webinar Checklist to make certain that “all systems are a go” prior to you go live. Going through this list will conserve you from basically all of the awkward (and costly) tech oversights and problems that mess up sales.
  • How to turn your VA into a sneaky partner on your live webinars (tip: For $20/ hour, you can get rid of almost all of your tension and focus entirely on providing your discussion).
  • Why the Q&A; duration of our webinar is among the very best chances to produce extra sales– and precisely how to approach it to close more offers.


Digital Course Academy ™( A $2,997Value)

  • 8 Implementation Modulesrevealing you actually EVERYTHING you require to do to turn your know-how into a hit digital course that individuals wish to spend for.
  • A total, detailed launch strategyrevealing you how to develop and provide a high-converting webinar discussion that fairly (and authentically) enlists lots of trainees everytime you provide it.
  • The Webinar Fill-Up Formulato make certain you never ever provide to an empty space once again, and rather get a jam-packed home loaded with of perfectly-targeted, “all set to purchase” potential customers.
  • Next level e-mail marketing, sales page, Facebook advertisement, and social networks methodsto enhance your outcomes and get up to 3x the registrations.

You’ll be getting instant access to the Pre-Launch Runway where you’ll dig into the supreme guide for drawing in and engaging your audience prior to your launch when you sign up with.

From there, you’ll be admitted to one module weekly (other than for the execution weeks)– so that you have adequate time to dive into the lessons and perform that part of the job strategy BEFORE moving onto the next.

We do this to secure your time, attention and focus while sparing you from the extreme overwhelm that stops most potential course developers in their tracks.

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