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Adult Media Buyers Course - Tuan Vy Adult Media Buyers Course - Tuan Vy2

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Product Description:

The Secrets To Paid Traffic &
Adult Media Buying

  • 6 Week Online Training Course Walking You Step-By-Step How To Successfully Launch Paid Traffic Campaigns with Adult Media Buying.
  • Lifetime Access To The Members Area (75+ HD Videos & Bonus Modules)
  • 1 Month Free Access to the Adult Media Buys Forum.
  • 3 Months Complimentary Access to the Adult AdSpy Tool.
  • … And More


Module 1
01 Part 1 of 3 – Offer Links – In Depth Tutorial on Setting Up Your Offer Links
02 Part 2 of 3 – Tracker Setup – How To Scruture Your Tracker and Organize Campaigns Properly
03 Part 3 of 3 – Conversion Pixels – How To Make Sure Your Leads Are Tracking
04 Self Serve Network – Intro to Self Serve Traffic with Pros and Cons
05 TrafficJunky – An Overview of The TrafficJunky AdNetwork
06 TrafficJunky Part 1 of 2 – Buying Specific Ad Placements & Campaign Setup
07 TrafficJunky Part 2 of 2 – Banner Organization with Tracker and Campaign Setup Continuation
08 Bidding Strategy – A Closer Emphases on TrafficJunky Bidding Strategies
09 ISP Targeting – Viewing ISP Stats and How To Target on TrafficJunky
10 Weight Rotation – Explaining The Concept Behind Using Weighted Rotation
11 Banner Stats – How To View Individual Stats For Each Banner
12 LP Rotation – How To Setup Landing Pages For Proper Traffic Distribution
13 Advance ISP – The Best Method For Creating Your ISP Campaigns
14 Multiple Campaigns – A Visual of Your Tracker With Multiple Organized Campaigns

Module 2
01 Controlled Testing – Strategies on Your Initial Campaign Setup & Testing
02 Marketing Metrics – Understanding Your Target Thresholds & Goals
03 Adult AdSpy – Counter Intelligence Software For Market Research
04 Lead Quality – The Science Behind Generating High Quality Leads
05 Legal Content – Where To Find Images & Videos That are Compliant
06 CDN & DNS – Improving Website Load and Response Times
07 PingDom – Website UpTime Monitoring Service
08 SauceLabs – Web & Mobile Testing Platform
09 CrazyEgg – Visitor Tracking with HeatMaps
10 ClickTale – Visualize Behavior
11 Split Testing – A/B Split Testing and Multi Variant Testing

Module 3
01 Mobile Redirection – The Pros and Cons and Overview of This Method
02 PlugRush – Quick Overview of The PlugRush Traffic Network
03 PlugRush Part 1 of 3 – Properly Setting Up Your Campaign
04 PlugRush Part 2 of 3 – Creating a New Campaign and Generating Tracking Links
05 PlugRush Part 3 of 3 – Analyzing Data and How To Optimize Your Campaign
06 Traffic Holder – Quick Overview of The Traffic Holder AdNetwork
07 Traffic Holder Discount – A Simple Approach To Getting Discounted Traffic
08 AdultModa – Walk Through Campaign Setup and Targeting Advice
09 TrafficShop – Overview of The TrafficShop AdNetwork
10 ChokerTraffic – Overview of The ChokerTraffic AdNetwork
11 JuicyAds – How To Set Up Mobile Redirect Traffic Campaigns
12 Pop Domination – The Inner Details of PopUnder Traffic Explained
13 Traffic Factory – Properly Tracking and Setting Up a PopUnder Campaign
14 JuicyAds PopUnder – Quick Video on How To Setup a PopUnder Campaign
15 TrafficVance – Overview of The TrafficVance AdNetwork
16 Lead Impact – Overview of The Lead Impact Traffic Network
17 HiJack Method – Step By Step Instructions on How To Implement This Technique

Module 4
01 Managed Network – The Pros and Cons of a Managed Networks with Strategic Advice
02 Rep Relationship – The Importance of Establishing Relationships
03 Reporo – An Overview of Reporo’s Mobile Traffic Network
04 TrafficHaus – A Closer Look at TrafficHaus’s Advertising Platform
05 Insertion Orders – Understanding an I/O and Strategic Advice
06 Invoice & Payments – What To Expect When Receiving An Invoice & Payment Strategies
07 Credit Extension – The Benefits of Establishing a Line of Credit with a Network

Module 5
01 Direct Buys – Overview of Direct To Site Buys with Pros and Cons
02 Alexa – How To Use Alexa For Researching Potential Direct To Site Buys
03 Direct Buy Method 1 – How To Find Sites For Direct Buys Method 1
04 Direct Buy Method 2 – How To Find Sites For Direct Buys Method 2
05 SimilarWeb – A Useful Resource For Uncovering More Sites and Research Data
06 Quantcast – How To Use Quantcast & Quantcast Planner To Measure Traffic Volumes
07 Compete – Quick Overview of Using Compete To Cross Reference Traffic Data Accuracy
08 SimilarSites – Uncovering More Related Sites For Direct To Site Buys
09 AdServers – My Recommendations For Finding an AdServer
10 AdServer Billing – Advice For The Best Methods of Dealing With Billing
11 ReBuy Strategy – Tips on How To Approach ReBuying Ad Inventory

01 Business Setup
02 Business Website
03 CashFlow Strategies
04 Domain Registar
05 Hosting Providers
06 Instant Messenger

SMASH Video Tutorials(in resources)
01 Smash Revenue Account Dashboard – Part 1-7
02 Browsing and Applying For Offers in SMASH – Part 2-7
03 How To Use Source IDs and Sub IDs in SMASH – Part 3-7
04 Setting Your Tracking Up Properly In SMASH – Part 4-7
05 Placing Your Postback URL and Structuring Your Offer Links In SMASH – Part 5-7
06 How To Track Unique Banners and View Stats In SMASH – Part 6-7
07 How To Analyze Your SubIDs and Report Stats In SMASH – Part 7-7

Other Files
Welcome Video.mp4 (in root folder)
Master These Other Self Serve Networks.htm (in module 1)
Banner Data – Lesson on Analyzing Your Banner Data.htm (in module 2)
List of CPV Networks – The Top CPV Networks You Should Work With.htm (in module 3)
Email Template – Direct To Site Email Template Variations.htm (in module 5)
DirectBuy_Email.pdf (in module 5)
iMobitrax Tracker.htm (in resources)
Adult Media Protocol PDF.pdf (in resources)

Dan Kennedy - Growth Hacks

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Product Description:

All New For 2015:

“Discover How To Ramp Up Profits FAST Thanks To 12 Cutting Edge Strategies And Templates That Could Double Your Profits Today…”

These Are The Exact “Growth Hacks” Dan Kennedy Employs For Businesses That Pay Him Up To $125,000 For A Sales Letter And $28,000 Per Year For A Handful Of 20-Minute Phone Consultations.

Dear Renegade Marketer,

How would you like to double your profits and double your revenue RIGHT NOW without a lot of “hard work”?

You see, there are a multitude of strategies you could be implementing right now that’ll put more money in your pocket FAST…

But you’re not doing them?  

Why is that?

That’s Because You’re Probably Using “Old Ways” To Grow Your Business That Might Have Worked In 1982…But No Longer Work Today

You see, today’s business environment is lightning fast. The “slow and steady wins the race” model of building a business could do nothing but leave you behind the next 2,5,10+ years if you’re not careful.

That’s why you need to ARM yourself with bleeding edge strategies, tools and systems that could double or TRIPLE your profits almost overnight.

Best part? Many of these strategies don’t involve trying to get as many customers, clients or patients as humanly possible. There are many systems that use what you have right now to boost profits

Here’s an example:

We wanted to “resurrect” cancelled Members several months ago and get them to rejoin the GKIC community. These are people who were members several years ago but decided to cancel their membership—or their credit card expired and their subscription was cancelled automatically.

So we implemented a simple “profit hack” that involved sending just one letter to these lost customers to get them to come back.

Remember, these are people who have already bought from us—we had their names in our database and all we had to do was “wake them up” and get them to buy from us again.

Well, thanks to this simple strategy:

We Resurrected Over 100 Cancelled Members And They Are Collectively Paying Us THOUSANDS Of Dollars In Recurring Revenue Thanks To This “Growth Hack”

Did we have to go out and “chase” new customers to get this newfound revenue? Did we have to buy a list, send out a 3-step mailing campaign and get them to buy?

No way.

We just used a classic marketing tactic (reactivating lost customers) most businesses aren’t implementing to get this sudden surge of revenue. And remember, we only had to send out one letter to get this immediate profit surge using names we already had in our database.

This is just one of 12 Growth Hacks I have in my arsenal…thanks to 43+ years in marketing and advertising—little “profit hacks” I implement into the 137 industries I’ve worked with in the past.

And, for the most part, I keep these little tricks up my sleeve and ONLY reveal these simple systems to people who pony up to $2,497 to attend the GKIC’s SuperConferenceSM or Info-SUMMIT, $4K to attend my annual “Dan Only” GKIC Events in Cleveland every Summer, and my $33,000-per-year Platinum Mastermind members.

But I decided to participate in a 4-Hour LiveCast where I share my favorite 12 Growth Hacks you should be putting into your business:


The 12 Strategies For Doubling Your Profits Right Now!

Dan Kennedy - Growth Hacks

Growth Hacks is going to show you how to put the pedal to the metal and produce MASSIVE revenues at breakneck speed.

You see, the heart of “Growth Hacking” is a relentless, laser beam focus On Accelerating Business Growth.

Nope, it’s not about “Likes”, “Shares” and “Re-tweets” or other slow-as-molasses marketing techniques where you’re lucky you’ll get an ROI within a year.

We’re not talking about a wimpy 1%-2% boost in revenues that might pay your car payment or perhaps pay your overhead for a month.

We’re talking about getting an INSTANT 20%-50% boost in your business in a matter of weeks—even DOUBLING your profits in most cases that you’re probably overlooking in your business right now.

In fact, this is what I experience with clients who pay me upwards of $125,000 per sales letter, $28,000 per year for just a handful of 20-minute phone consultations over 10-12 months, and upwards from $2,500/hour for consulting…

…not a meager 1%-2% boost in profits, but quantum, life changing leaps…where the business is never the same again.

You’ll get this entire LIVE presentation delivered to you on 4 audio CDs and 4 DVDS you can either watch or listen to over and over again on your wealth building journey. As well as transcripts of the entire presentation for you to follow along, take notes and read over and over again.

You’ll also get an extensive Toolkit with copyright-free templates campaigns, checklists, formulas, and action planners you can implement into my business right away.

In other words…

We Don’t Just Teach You How To Fish…We’ll Just Give You The Fish On A Silver Platter Where 80% Of The Work Is Done For You

That means you can fire off these “Growth Hacks” in your business at will with very little effort… when you want a sudden surge of cash into your bank account.

And don’t use the excuse that “This Won’t Work In My Business” or “My Business Is Different when it comes to whether or not these profit tweaks will work for your business.

I have worked in 137 different industries over 43+ years in the biz. And I can tell you that if you perform a service in exchange for money (which, last I checked, consists of ALL businesses) then these will work for you!

What that means to you is this: even if you’re a butcher, baker, candlestick maker, plumber, website developer…even grow crab grass…

…YOU can implement these Growth Hacks into your business.

Why? Because most of the “hard work” is already done for you, thanks to the templates, checklists, systems and blueprints I want to hand you on a silver platter for the first time EVER.

Here Are The 12 Growth Hacks You’ll Discover Along With Copyright Free Templates, Checklists, And Blueprints That’ll Allow You To Fire Off These Profit Tweaks At Will:

•    Growth Hack #1: A Lost Customer Reactivation Campaign you can use immediately to resurrect “dead” customers and get them to start spending more money with you. This template comes from one of GKIC’s blockbuster campaigns that brought back over a hundred members to Planet Dan and GKIC.

•    Growth Hack #2: “Upsell Magic” Scripts And Templates you can literally just “plug and play” to supersize your average lifetime customer value. No need for overthinking things either, you just fill-in-the blanks and use these power documents right away for direct mail or online.

•    Growth Hack #3: A Premium Offer Action Checklist – a breakthrough IDEA GENERATOR that makes creating a premium or deluxe version of any product or service a snap. This is YOUR ticket to increasing transaction size and attracting higher quality customers, clients or patients that’ll pay you higher prices without resistance.

•    Growth Hacks #4: List Segmentation Hacks that are perfect for honing down your “message to market” match and extracting more profits from ANY list. Even if you just have a “buyer” list or a “prospect” list, you REALLY need this.

•    Growth Hack #5: Cash Flow Surge Campaigns you can use to summon a surge of money into your bank account at will. These short 3-4 day campaigns have been the bread and butter of GKIC and you’ll get to implement this strategy for your own business.

•    Growth Hack #6: A Slack Adjustor Brainstorming Action Planner you can use to brainstorm products and services that you can easily add on to your existing arsenal.

•    Growth Hack #7: F3 Response Multiplier you can use to potentially TRIPLE your response vs. performing a “one-and-done” promotion. You’ll get Dan Kennedy’s email sequences he uses to catapult response for Infusionsoft.

•    Growth Hack #8: Marketing To The Affluent…where you’ll get 12 back issues of Dan Kennedy’s esteemed newsletter that’ll teach you how to target customers, clients and patients who make buying decisions on factors other than price.

•    Growth Hack #9: Premium Offer Checklist where you’ll be able to brainstorm premium offers for your products/services that’ll boost your income and attract “big fish” customers, clients and patients.

•    Growth Hack #10: Drop Down Offer Formulas you can use to add more money in your pocket almost instantly…no “work” is needed, just let the formula do all the work.

•    Growth Hack #11: “Stay In Touch” Profit Hacks you can use to constantly be in front of your target customers, clients and patients. This will allow you to grow your “herd” that’ll give you money over and over again.

•    Growth Hack #12: Continuity Brainstorming Action Planner that’ll allow you to devise ways to get more recurring income for your business—instead of relying on a bunch of “one-off” sales.

So, How Much Is It Going To COST Your Business To “Miss Out” On These 12 Simple Growth Hacks?

Sure, you could get a measly 1%-2% revenue growth every year using yesterday’s marketing strategies and just rely on “getting more customers, clients and patients” into your business as your ONLY profit-generating strategy.

But this could relegate you to just “getting by” in your business—like 98% of businesses that rely on “old school” growth strategies that may have worked 10 years ago, but are outmoded and outdated.

Listen, when you consider the opportunity COST of just one of these “Growth Hacks” what it can do for your Business…

…The value of these strategies, blueprints and “Growth Hacking” tactics is worth at least $1,997, since just one of them could lead to a profit windfall that could allow you to get 10X-100X your investment quickly.

Yet, we’re giving you a total of 12 of these “Growth Hacks” you can implement in your business that could double your profits and revenues almost overnight.

But you won’t have to invest $1,997.

Or even $997.

The investment in Growth Hacks is ONLY $597.

Heck, you can take the Lost Customer Reactivation Blueprint template, fill in a few blanks, send it out to your list, and get your money back as soon as tomorrow by reactivating a handful of lost customers.

In other words, Growth Hacks doesn’t actually “cost” anything. It’s an INVESTMENT in the future growth and prosperity of your business.

Because, chances are, you’ll get your investment back and MORE quickly when you implement these Growth Hacks and put more money in your pocket with lightning speed.

But it gets even better because…

And, as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed thanks to:

GKIC’s ZERO-RISK Unconditional Guarantee So There’s No Way You Can Make A Mistake

Finally, to remove ALL risk to you, if at any time during the first 30 Days after receiving your copy of the “GROWTH HACKS” you honestly believe you’ve made a mistake or are disappointed, you will receive a 100% refund of any fees paid.

…we will still refund every penny for the price you paid for this System. So there’s no way you can make a mistake here.

So If Your Business Has Stagnated Or Shrunk, Or You’re Kicking Butt, You NEED Growth Hacks To Stay Relevant In Your Niche Or Industry


You could do what “everyone else” does in your industry and use yesterday’s marketing strategies to try to get more customers, clients or patients.

Sorry to say, but these outdated and outmoded strategies may have worked 10-20 years ago, but in today’s fast-paced business environment, you need bleeding-edge strategies that can ramp up profits FAST.

And remember, we’re not only giving you the strategies, we’re also giving you checklists, blueprints, templates and SYSTEMS you can easily move into your business…

…so most of the work is already done for you.


If you’re already struggling, are you just going to keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing the past couple years?

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

You’re better than that.

Here’s your chance to turn things around by using the simple/quick/fast tools, templates, and strategies that’ll siphon more money into your bank account.

Invest in Growth Hacks today. There is absolutely No Risk because you’re covered by GKIC’s guarantee. So you basically have 30 days to borrow to use these Strategies yourself and if you don’t get the results you want, just let us know.

In other words,

You Get To Try Growth Hacks For Free!

So take action right now and invest in Growth Hacks. And get ready to experience explosive growth in your business thanks to these little known profit tweaks.

Yes Dan! Send Me These 12 Untold “Growth Hacks”  That Could Double My Profits Almost Overnight!
Including Done-For-You Copyright-Free, Fill-In-The Blank Marketing Documents You Can Effortlessly “Swipe And Deploy” For Your Business—Therefore Shortcutting YEARS Of Trial, Error And Testing•    I realize that these are the exact “profit tweaks” you employ for businesses that pay you up to $125,000 for a sales letter, $28,000 per year for just a handful of 20-minute phone consultations over 10-12 months, and upwards from $2,500/hour for consulting. Plus 85% of your clients have used you repeatedly for the past 3,5,7,10+ years!•    I realize that it would take me YEARS of “figuring it out” myself to unearth these profit hacks, but you’re giving them to me on a silver platter so I can simply copy and paste them into my business. Heck, just implementing 2% of this course could allow me to get my investment back in this program…and more!•    And I know if I’m not the least bit satisfied, I can request a FULL refund within 365 days of purchase for any reason. So there’s no way I can make a mistake, because I can basically try out “Profit Tweaks” for free.•    So with that in mind, please rush me “Growth Hacks” so I can implement these income-boosting secrets into my business. Dan Kennedy’s

The 12 Strategies For Doubling Your Profits Right Now!
ONLY $597

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

Dan Kennedy, GKIC

P.S. What will you do with the extra $1,000, $10,000, even $100,000 per month that you’ll be able to earn thanks to Growth Hacks? When most of your business worries disappear and you’re no longer beholden to “old school” marketing strategies that are relegating your business growth to a sloth-like pace?

Just ask some of GKIC’s esteemed members who earn 6-7 figures per year and employ these “Growth Hacks” on a daily basis—they’re not satisfied with a snails-paced 1%-2% annual growth. They’re interested in DOUBLING their profits almost overnight—breaking the rules of the well-established norm of “how things are done around here” when it comes to growing a business.

Now’s your time to be a rule-breaker like the clients I’ve worked with in 43+ years in marketing and 137 different industries and professions. Invest in Growth Hacks today.

Conversion XL

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $1,995
Download Size: 3.7GB
Direct Download Link:

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Product Description:

Online Course with Weekly Coaching Calls, Private Forum

The course will be 100% online – a mix of videos, reading materials, live calls and forum discussions.

At the beginning of each week I send out curriculum for the week: reading materials and videos. During the week we will have forum discussions about it, and the week will end with a live webinar – summing it up, discussing key learnings, answering your questions.

The coaching program will last for 3 months. It starts on Monday, February 3rd and will end May 3rd, 2014. At the end of the program you can take a test, and if you pass it, you will be issued a certificate of completion.

Big Picture, where to start, mindset ✔
Optimization process ✔
How to conduct conversion research ✔
Google Analytics top reports and data interpretation ✔
Qualitative research: interviews, surveys, polls ✔
Heuristic analysis ✔
Mouse tracking and heat maps ✔
Usability and user testing ✔
Managing and selling CRO projects ✔
Best Practice library and checklists ✔
Landing page optimization ✔
Optimizing forms ✔
Conversion copywriting ✔
Images and video optimization ✔
Personalization ✔
Testing strategies ✔
Numbers and statistics ✔
Prioritizing tests ✔
Developing test hypotheses ✔
Iterative testing and learn from test results ✔
Site speed optimization ✔
Value propositions ✔
Persuasive design ✔
24/7 access to members-only forum ✔
Private and group calls ✔
Guest lectures by other top CRO experts ✔

Three very important parts of this course:

1) There will be weekly live calls for demonstrations, Q&A and weekly topic discussions. All live calls will be recorded, so you don’t need to be online if you can’t make it.

2) You will get access to members-only forum to discuss any CRO related stuff, ask questions about the curriculum, learn from other course attendees.

3) You can apply your new skills on any website, any business. You’re learning the methodology that winners use.
Who This Program is For and Who Qualifies

This program is for people who want to become great optimizers. Key criteria: interest in conversion optimization. Second most important thing: commitment. You need to take this seriously. No point joining if you’re not going to use the training materials, not going to participate in discussions. Either you’re in or you’re not.

I understand that you’re a busy person, so actual hourly commitment per week is not huge. If you can invest at least 2 hours per week in this, you’re all right. As with anything, the more you put in, the more you get out.

Above all, this is for smart people who’ve done stuff and know stuff, people who’ve been around some. There’s an application process that I will use to weed out some people people so that we’d have a (killer) group of people with the right group dynamic and discussions.

That being said, your prior optimization experience is not that important. You can be a beginner at conversion optimization. But you will get even more out of it if you’ve done this for a while. Analytics, design and UX, PPC, copywriting experience are all relevant. Prior experience means you can ask better, more specific questions that relate to what you’ve done in the past. You get to also tap into a pool of conversion optimizers – other people like you – and learn from them.

ROI FROM THIS TRAINING PROGRAM: You will learn skills that the market needs, companies crave.

Think on the return on this investment over 12 months or even 24 months.

Think about this: Bernie Madoff promised 20% ROI from his investment vehicle. People went crazy. And yes, it was a scam – 20% ROI on an investment was too difficult to get.

Not so in conversion optimization. If you increase your conversion rate a mere 5% per month, that’s 80% increase in conversions over 12 months. I’m confident that any attendee who puts these newly gained skills to use will get at least 10x returns (yes, this is 900% Mr. Madoff) on this investment in 12 months or less.

The goal for this training program is to give you a new set of skills. Skills that can transform your career (have you seen the demand for CRO managers and the compensation offered? nuts!), and transform your business (no better way to significantly improve your revenue). You will get the skills that are highly in demand for the next decade. And you will get highly compensated for having them.

Demand for data-driven marketers and optimizers is at a all time high, and there’s a huge talent gap. Conversion optimization has become a top marketing priority for businesses.

If your company is not optimization savvy, it’s going to be left behind. Conversion skills is the new arms race. Join this training program to be on top of the game.

Conversion optimization is going to go mainstream. As SEO is getting harder and harder, PPC more expensive and other types of advertising is ignored more and more, data-driven marketing is going to prevail. My prediction is that most SEO and ad agencies will also try become CRO agencies. But there is one problem.
You can’t learn this stuff anywhere

Conversion optimization know-how is still rare. Most top practitioners are not really keen to share their best stuff. Stuff on the blogs out there doesn’t go deep enough, and doesn’t cover everything. Also, there’s more and more junk information out there. The best way is to learn from somebody who has been doing this for years and years.

Sure – there is no substitution for hands-on experience. You won’t become a conversion god overnight. Like a good college program, this course will set you on the right path to become the master of the trade.

The ROI on this training course is going to be huge

Applications are now open, and will close January 31st (or when sold out – whichever comes first). After the deadline passes, no more applicants will be accepted to the program.

IMfinite Wealth System

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $17
Download Size: 176MB
Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

This content is for members only.

Product Description:

ATTENTION: If you are working more than 3 hours per day
and are NOT earning at least $200 per day – you MUST Read This!

Discover My Proven Method That Generates Constant $200 days While Working Less than 15 hours per week…

I promise you…

You are going to build your biggest online asset in just days from now, and set yourself up for a LONG term Business Sucess !

This is by far the MOST Stable LONG term Business set up
and easiest to implement.

PLUS…that is not all – with this method you get a full 30 day action plan to make this work for your business!

But luckily for me that I did not…

Because by adding my little twist to outdated method I’ve stumbled upon…

Ground SHAKING, Internet Marketing System
That Stopped Information Overload and
Finally Started Filling MY pockets with Extra Cash…

Here is my story…

You see I am not lazy and I know money does not fall from the sky…but information overload was killing me. It took me more than 2 years, and months of failure to finally “crack the code”.

You see… It is not just the information overload…

It is also missing pieces of the puzzle that were holding me back. As you…I was buying product, after product and basically NOT getting it!

Harder I’ve tried…Worse it got…

I mean…I was in a really bad position that I was selling every single personal item just to survive… Everyone seemed to say, money is in the LIST… BUT building those lists was pretty much impossible…

My situation got so bad…that I actually went back to working 9-5 and was about to give up…But I promised my self…I will make this work…

I was sick and tired of Spending MONEY left and Right and Decided to Take Matters into my own Hands…

The Master Collection

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $499
Download Size: 1.1GB
Download Link: This content is for members only.

Product Description:

It’s the same tool that top copywriters
turn to when they want to see
what works … and why.

Now this powerful, professional resource
is available to you — anytime you need it.

I promise you, the impact it’ll have
on your copywriting career will be profound.

Dear Reader,

At last year’s bootcamp, I had the pleasure of having lunch with master copywriter and AWAI Board Member Bob Bly.

During the course of our talk, I asked him what any aspiring copywriter would ask, given the chance: What do I have to do to become a great copywriter?

Without missing a beat, he said there are two things you need to do.

The first one, of course, is to take Michael Masterson’s Accelerated copywriting program (just like you’re doing now) …

Then he told me to get out a pen — and write down a very special website address.

I did it.

Turns out it was the best advice any beginner like me could have asked for.

Suddenly, it all started to make sense!

It’s like a switch went off in my head — and almost instantly, I understood what great copy was all about. Immediately, I was writing stronger headlines and leads with less effort than ever before. My head was filled with great copywriting ideas. I struggled less. My writing was more fluid …

Suddenly … I was getting it!

Now I’m working in the business, getting real writing jobs that pay real money. In fact, I have two jobs in the hopper right now … and I just got a call about another new assignment, which I’m very excited about …

Things are really starting to happen for me faster than I ever imagined — and I’m convinced I wouldn’t be this far along had Bob not slipped me this little tip.

Now, before I explain … and tell you more about the resource Bob turned me on to … allow me to introduce myself.

My name is John Wood.

Like you, I’m just getting started in this business. And I have to say — I love it! After thinking about it for some time, I finally quit my job (which I hated) … and decided, come hell or high water, that I was going to be a great copywriter.

I’m not there yet, by any means. I still have much to learn. But now thanks to AWAI, I truly feel that I’m on my way. Now more than ever, I’m confident I can be one of the best copywriters out there. That’s my goal.

After all, I’ve seen the kind of lifestyle being a copywriter can bring. AWAI co-founder Paul Hollingshead is a friend of mine — and I watched him go from one job to another … never making much money … to now, where he’s living the life I’ve always dreamed of.

Truth be told, I’ve always been a little envious. Not anymore. That’s because now I feel like I have a unique advantage — an all-powerful “insider’s perspective” to what makes great copy great.

And it’s a perspective I’m positive I couldn’t have gotten had I not followed Bob’s advice.

But I’ve teased you enough. Allow me to share with you what Bob shared with me — something I firmly believe no copywriter should be without … regardless of where you are in your copywriting career.

It’s an invaluable resource from AWAI called Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection

And here’s why it can shave years off of the time it takes you to become a successful, in-demand copywriter …

The Secrets to What Makes the World’s Best Promos Tick

As an industry leader, AWAI has collected 64 home-run, often record-setting direct response letters and magalogs — each and every one is an industry control … some have mailed four or five years or more! But AWAI didn’t stop there. They also pinned down the writers for an exclusive interview. AND they brought in top marketing executives to analyze both the writing and design to give you an insider’s view into why each piece worked so well.

Just being exposed to these letters will help you in your career … just as they’ve helped me.

But you get more than just a great letter. The in-depth analysis of what it is that made the letter great has been a huge advantage in boosting my copywriting skills … and I know it will be for you, too.

For every letter, a team of professional marketers breaks down the featured promotion section by section. You’ll get their critique of the format, headlines, subheads, product positioning, bullets, offer, false close, actual close, order device … every element that goes into a winning package.

Let’s face it. It’s one thing to read a great headline. But it’s an entirely different thing to know why it’s great … the technique the writer used to make it so powerful and effective … and to know you can use that same technique the next time you sit down to write a headline.

By the time you get through reading the evaluation, you’ll have a full and clear understanding of not only what made the headline work — but also what made the entire package work so well. And you’ll have dozens of ideas about how you can apply that understanding to your own promotions.

In other words … you’ll get it!

That’s because the insights you’ll get from Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection are incredibly powerful. You’ll see how the master copywriters of our time craft letters that bring in hundreds of thousands — even millions — of dollars each and every time they’re mailed. You’ll see the tricks and techniques they use to capture and hold a reader’s interest — and how they turn a reader’s “passing interest” in a product into a “can’t-miss” sale.

Take this letter, for instance …

One Letter – $11 Million in Sales

It’s a letter Larry Crane — a master copywriter who’s sold billions of dollars worth of products throughout his 38-year copywriting career — wrote to sell his “release technique.” (A self-help program that allows everyday people to reach a level of excellence through the power of positive thinking.)

Why should you care about Larry Crane’s “release technique” letter? Well, since it began mailing several years ago it’s sold over 60,000 programs. And at $189 a-piece — that’s over $11 million in sales!

Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection provides you a breakdown of this hugely successful letter page by page. It shows you the proven headline-writing strategies Larry uses to grab the reader’s attention… points out how subtle little word choices can change your reader from a skeptical onlooker to an excited buyer … and reveals little tricks to appeal directly to the reader’s senses, and keep him reading.

You’ll also discover how Larry takes customer testimonials to whole new levels — and how he’s mastered the technique of writing to a very specific market.

Talk about copywriting gold …

But Larry isn’t the only master copywriter to reveal his personal secrets through this impressive collection of master letters …

The Master Collection Puts Master-Level
Techniques Right at Your Fingertips

When you order Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection, it’s like having your own private library of the world’s most successful promotions — along with all the secrets that made them work so well!

For instance:

  • Donna Baier Stein gives you her six personal secrets for crafting the “perfect” sales letter. Secrets that can have a profound effect on any copywriting career. Donna has the benefit of two generations of direct-marketing genius working for her. Though a master in her own right, her father, Martin, is regarded as one of the greatest copywriters of all time… and is a distinguished member of the Copywriting Hall of Fame. Maybe that’s why Donna says writing copy is in her blood … and why the letter you’ll see from her has been the control for the NPCA for 15 years!
  • Ever read a sales letter that’s so compelling you just can’t put it down? If you have, chances are Joe Vitale had something to do with it. Joe’s the master at writing “hypnotic copy” — a style of copywriting that practically lulls the reader into a buying trance. In his featured letter, you’ll discover, among other things, a powerful technique he uses to engage the reader’s mind. Master this one and you’ll be writing controls one after another.
  • Carline Anglade-Cole has the ability to home in on the target audience – that has made her a highly sought-after copywriter. And she’s earning a very good living for herself from it. One project paid off so well, she was able to have an in-ground swimming pool installed in her backyard – just two royalty checks later and it was paid for. She explains how hanging out at Wal-Mart can help you learn more about your target audience … how to create your own focus groups … and a great way to get new clients …
  • Mark Everett Johnson recently beat a control by 60%… and helped his client sell ONE MILLION MAGAZINE SUBCRIPTIONS. Not only will he tell you how he did it, but he’ll also reveal which copy element is “King.” You’ll also want to take note of his methodology, which is so airtight, you could turn his steps into a checklist.
  • Every beginning copywriter needs to study the work of master copywriter Nick Bruyer. Nick’s made a fortune writing what pros like to call “straight-to-the-point” copy. No wasted words. No big flowery sentences. His writing is direct … and incredibly effective. And no one in the business writes a stronger offer than Nick. Follow his simple techniques and watch your writing improve dramatically.

I could go on and on about the advanced copywriting secrets you’ll learn by reading and studying the promotions featured in Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection.

But there’s something else you get … something I found just as enlightening as the critiques and analysis …

Direct From the Writer to You—Top Copy Secrets Revealed

For each letter featured in The Master Collection, you get an in-depth and revealing interview with the writer of the letter!

If you ask me, this is the “genius” part of Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection.

Why? Think about it for a minute …

How powerful is it for any budding copywriter to (1) see all the best and most powerful sales letters written in recent memory (2) know precisely what made them work so well, and then (3) hear first hand deep, powerful, and useful insights from the copywriter who wrote them?

It’s like getting right inside the heads of the greatest copywriters of our day!

For instance …

Before I added Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection to my library, my writing tended to be stiff and rigid. It’s a common problem for new writers. But then I read Donna Baier Stein’s little secret for making copy more conversational … more readable.

Sure enough, when I put it to work in my copy, my letters suddenly had a much more personal feel to them.

Marketing managers started to comment on how much more sincere my letters are sounding these days … and how much more powerful that new “voice” has made my letters. Plus, I noticed this happy little extra benefit.

The more I use Donna’s techniques, the easier my letters “flowed onto the page”, which means I’m writing more copy in less time!

But that’s not all.

Making Complicated Things Seem Simple

One of the most difficult challenges any new copywriter faces is trying to make complicated products and sophisticated ideas seem interesting and compelling. It happens a lot when you write about financial products or weighty health issues. Not handled properly, this can be a real “stopper” in your copy.

Fortunately, I came across a simple technique for “making complicated things seem simple” … so that anyone can understand them and embrace them. And since I plan to write for both the highly lucrative financial and health markets, I now have a little trick I can pull out of the bag the rest of my writing career …

Like me, you’re just now learning how making that all-important emotional connection with the reader is crucial to your letter’s success. After all, if your readers don’t like you, or trust you, or sincerely believe you want to help them with your product — they’re not likely to buy from you …

But making that connection requires a special “writer’s touch” — like the kind Ted Kikoler is known for throughout the industry. In letter #8 of Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection, Ted reveals his amazingly simple technique for establishing an almost instant “unbreakable bond” with the reader. Master this technique and you’ll never write a bad letter.

A Surefire Technique for Getting Started

Did you ever sit down to start a project and end up staring at a blank page for hours? I sure did — until I read Parris Lampropoulos’s never-fail technique for starting a promo. It’s a technique that gets you writing and on the right track in minutes. Needless to say, this is a little trick I use every time I sit down to write a letter.

You know, I’ve read all 64 letters in The Master Collection. I’ve read the critiques and interviews … up and down, from start to finish. There’s not one that hasn’t taught me something that moves me several rungs up the learning ladder.

And if I’m ever stuck, it’s just a matter of browsing through the letters, scanning the interviews … and picking up that one tidbit, that one little secret, that one powerful technique that unlocks the creative juices.

So many secrets are revealed in this awesome library of copywriting gold — secrets that can have a profound effect on your career as a copywriter. For example …

  • Steve Leveen reveals the four little words that helped launch Levenger’s — his hugely successful catalog business – and how he grew it into a $25 million business after starting out on a $5,000 shoestring budget. (letter #12)
  • Jon Peace shows you three can’t-fail ways to discover what keeps your target audience up at night. Tap into those core emotions and watch your response rates soar. (letter #62)
  • You’ll learn master copywriter Peter Betuel’s no-fail test for knowing whether or not you have a winning headline. Use it and you’ll never write a bad headline again. (letter #6)
  • Dean Rieck shares his control-breaking, seven step formula to faithfully beat one control after another. (letter #52)
  • You’ll learn Al Serin’s powerful secret for overcoming any and all price objections. Few copywriters even know this technique, let alone use it successfully. But you will — and your clients will love you for it. (letter #11)
  • Bob Concoby talks about a trick Jay Abraham used in a promo that helped Jay triple the response over the previous control. And it just might be something you could adapt to your next promo to make your response rate skyrocket. (letter #25)
  • Master copywriter and AWAI co-founder Don Mahoney reveals his strategy for finding any product’s most powerful selling point. Once you have that, your letter will practically write itself.
  • Mark Everett Johnson exposes a secret most marketers ignore  … yet he used it to sell a million magazine subscriptions. (letter #47)
  • Nick Usborne reveals how he finds the perfect balance between his client’s goals and his audiences’ desires. Perfect this approach and you’ll leave every client pleased as punch about your results and ready and waiting to line you up for their next project. (letter #60)

There are many more secrets you’re sure to uncover as you dive into the website and browse through each and every control-beating promotion and groundbreaking interview.

And here’s something else … something Paul said when I told him I was going to sit down and tell you about Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection.

A Resource the Pros Are Using Too

He told me that The Master Collection is fast becoming the resource many of the top copywriters in the business use religiously … people like Don Mahoney, John Forde, Bob Bly, Justin Ford, and dozens of others.

Only makes sense. No matter how successful you are, you can always learn from other people’s successes …

But there’s another reason The Master Collection is so popular among professional copywriters. And that’s because it’s an excellent way to know what kind of letters work for different audiences, different industries, and different circumstances!

And it’s true …

Authority Hacker

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $47/month
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Product Description:

Authority Hacker1 Authority Hacker2

Building Profitable Websites is HARD

Building great sites is complicated.

Even more so when you want them to be profitable.

There are so many moving parts involved when it comes to building great sites : social media, SEO, content creation, E-mail marketing, product creation, sales, technical setup and the list goes on.

You can easily get overwhelmed by the diversity of the tasks and as a result, settle for a mediocre website. You then end up making pennies online, far from our white sand beach passive income day dreams.

Actually most people attempting the whole passive income thing are still stuck in their day job or doing consulting gigs for clients they do not really enjoy working with. But hey, it pays the bills.

Sounds familiar?

We’ve been there for over 3 years until we decided to fix this issue…

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  • How do I craft content that doesn’t suck on a limited budget?
  • How can I transform that content marketing stuff into actual people visiting my site?
  • What is the best way to transform my traffic into earnings?
  • Should I focus on my email list next? Or create my first product? Or produce more content? I am lost!
  • How do I sell to my audience without looking like a sleazy 2nd hand car salesman?

We have. Many times.

And we have grinded to find the answer to all these questions through trial and error, wasted weeks, months, thousands of dollars and gallons of sweat (yuk).

But you won’t have to.

Authority Hacker is constantly working on collecting the answer to those questions from the best minds in the industry and combines them all under one roof into digestible implementation tracks for its pro members.

But What is Authority Hacker Pro? Glad You Asked…

Authority Hacker Pro is an advanced exclusive “club” for serious website owners composed of 3 main parts, each of them designed to address a specific challenge our members are facing.

Learn – Inside the authority Hacker pro membership, you will find all our authority site creation processes documented with extreme detail along with templates for you to implement those swiftly to your own sites.

Get Feedback – Every 2 weeks, we run feedback and Q&A webinars where we put you on the hot seat and give you live feedback on your implementation of the techniques we teach inside the Authority Hacker Pro membership.

Join the community – The Authority Hacker pro membership hosts a fast growing network of entrepreneurs, bloggers, SEO’s, designers etc that help each other out. If you have a question, a struggle or just need an opinion, the community is here to help you out.

Let’s look in detail into each of these 3 components…

Grow Your Site Faster With Our Advanced Marketing Blueprints

Have you ever bought online marketing education promising you that you were going to earn $57,643 in just 14 days and anyone can do it from the comfort of their homes?

Of course you have.

The issue is, most of the time the tactics you learn from there are:

  • Outdated
  • Scammy
  • Not actionable (tons of fluff, very little how to training)

We wanted to do something different.

We want our members to be able to pick a desired outcome like:

  • Getting more email subscribers
  • Grow search traffic
  • Increase social media reach

And simply follow step by step instructions from “this is what I want” to “done”.

Something that actually shows us building pages, posts, ads, links, emails live over the shoulder so our members could just press play and follow us click by click instead of hiding behind boring powerpoint presentations like most other online teachers.

That is why we created marketing blueprints:

Authority Hacker3

Blueprints have a specific goal in mind and a specific number of steps associated. Each step is documented in both video and written format.

Some of the blueprint topics already live include:

  • Creating High Value & High Converting Lead Magnets in under 15 minutes
  • Scaling link building outreach and getting more than links from it
  • Setting up and promoting a viral contest for leads and profit
  • How to use inexpensive retargeting to get more email subscribers and leads
  • How to go from $0 to $1,000/month with affiliate and email marketing.


One of the many blueprints you will learn to implement inside the member area.

Additionally, whenever possible, we produce pre made templates for our members to plug and play into their business.

This saves them an incredible amount of time and allows them to get the benefits of our tests with very little time investment.

By implementing some of what these blueprints teach, our members managed to achieve incredible growth in a short amount of time.

Judge by yourself:

Authority Hacker4 Authority Hacker5 Authority Hacker6 Authority Hacker7

Get Personalized Feedback On Your Marketing Effort

Are you sometimes wondering: Am I doing the right thing for my online business? Or am I wasting my time? or… How the hell do I <insert problem here>?

We do. All the time.

Do you know how we usually solve these issues? We ask people who know the answer.

I bet that answer is incredibly useless for you. Simply because you don’t know the people we know.

Well, the Authority Hacker pro membership connects you with other professional Internet marketers, consultants, CEO’s, Co-Founders, Designers and other specialists that could be very useful to you.

Simply post your question in the group and you’re almost guaranteed to have a member jump in to help you out.

Authority Hacker8

The only that we ask in exchange is that you do the same when you can help. This way the community remains high value for everyone. Authority Hacker9

Additionally we run live Q&A webinars several times a month so if you want to ask any direct question to us, the Authority Hacker team. Authority Hacker10

We will review your blog posts, landing pages, ads, lead magnets or whatever part of your online marketing we happen to teach in the members area.

This way you can take the content from the blueprints, apply it to your site and get our direct feedback to improve your bottom line and grow your business faster.

Connect With Other Like Minded Entrepreneurs

On top of being able to ask your questions and get direct feedback on your sites, the Authority Hacker community is an incredibly opportunity for your to connect with other members and get their support.

  • Do you need some help with connecting with other people in your niche? Ask the group
  • Are you looking for offers/products to promote? Ask the group
  • Are you struggling with your site despite the blueprints? Ask the group
  • Are you running a guest posting campaign and need to find High Quality host sites for your content? Ask the group

Tung here jump on the opportunity…


And he landed a high quality guest post just by asking in less than 20 minutes.

That’s a huge advantage over his competition.

Authority Hacker Pro not only helps you collect knowledge and know the right people. It is also an incredible source of motivation for solopreneurs or small businesses.

Our members emulate each other by sharing their success, their doubts, their ideas and after hanging out on the group for a while, you will find yourself ready to take on the challenges your business throws at you knowing that you have a backup squad team.

Authority Hacker11 Authority Hacker12Authority Hacker13 Authority Hacker14 Authority Hacker15 Authority Hacker16 Authority Hacker17 Authority Hacker18


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Hi there, my name is Gerald and I believe you’re here because you want to learn how to make money online…

Even without any experience and how you can do this for free!

You see, there’s a “free method” to do this… and I’ve been secretly using it to build my internet business and make money online easily.



Most people, especially internet marketers, are SO WRONG about gaining traffic and making serious money from YouTube.

The fact is, YouTube is among the top 5 largest sites in the world, commanding more than 1,000,000,000 UNIQUE users each month!

The question is, how can you turn this to YOUR ADVANTAGE and make money?

First, let me explain to you how it works…

For a start YouTube is not a video directory.

It’s a search engine.

This means, people from all around the world go to YouTube to search for their information and answers to their problems, exactly how they use!

So if your videos get ranked well in, you’re going to gain lots of FREE traffic from it – on auto-pilot.

By implementing the right strategies, getting tons of views within 24 hours is REALLY possible.

My videos are dominating YouTube for my targeted keywords.

At the same time, they’re also dominating Google! google3

This means, if you can get free traffic from YouTube and Google, you could easily be making money online…

Even if you DO NOT have a website or a product of your own!

What’s interesting is, this can be achieved as quickly as within 24 hours when you’re applying the right YouTube “traffic-getting” strategies!

Now, at the same time… I’m sure you’ve come across some traffic or “push button” software that promises to make you $2,412 in 3 days.

I admit that I’ve bought quite a few myself.

And sadly, I’ve wasted thousands of dollars investing in these “shining objects” and to tell you the truth…


They don’t work!

The only thing that works is real marketing strategies with a proven blueprint.

I’m not some celebrity Internet Guru, but I’ve managed to crack my own secret code to make money online by “tapping” into YouTube.

And today, I want to share with you 5 amazing blueprints which you can use to start making money with YouTube…

Regardless of whether you have a product or not.

I’d like to introduce you to…

The YouTube Cash Blueprints Program

Discover 5 Blueprints To Generate Multiple Streams of Income From YouTube!


In this step-by-step program, there are FIVE PROVEN BUSINESS MODELS that you can use to get yourself on the fast track to profits!

The 5th component of this program is called “launch commissions blueprint” where I’ll reveal 3 secret case studies on how I generated tons of affiliate commissions in hot new product launches…

Within 30 days!

In the YouTube Cash Blueprints program, you’re going to learn proven strategies for the following YouTube “cash” models…

Model #1: The YouTube Store

Most people are unaware that YouTube can now be turned into a real e-commerce store selling physical products!

It can be an online merchandise store and I’ll teach you the step-by-step process on how to do this, including where to get your merchandise from, to ultimately sell on your YouTube channel. By the way, the sky’s the limit here; if you have any other physical or drop ship products, you could be using the same strategy to promote them in your YouTube store

Model #2: Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing

I’ll walk you through step-by-step on how to make affiliate commissions with YouTube marketing.

This includes EVERYTHING – from choosing the right affiliate program to my powerful promotion methods.

I’ll share with you how to use the “product recommendation” tactic so that your subscribers will actually “thank you” for promoting products to them! You will soon be able to turn affiliate marketing into a unique business of its own!

Model #3: The Lead Generation Blueprint

Lead generation is big business – regardless of whether it’s an online or offline business. The best part is, because of the massive traffic generated from YouTube, you would never run out of leads from there!

In this model, I’ll show you the different types of free and paid traffic generation methods to generate tons of fresh leads and then selling them for highly lucrative profits.

I will also share with you ONE SPECIFIC strategy that can “explode” your lead generation business as well as make you tons of money online!

Model #4: “Cloning” The YouTube Model

Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock back in 2006.

But obviously, this did not happen to them overnight. In order for you to earn even your first million dollars online, you need to learn how to earn one hundred dollars, then one thousand dollars and so on. In this model, I’ll explain to you in the simplest form possible how you can create a strong foundation of online income and then finally achieve your ultimate goal of building a BIG business,
based on ideas solely from YouTube.

And yes.. Not forgetting my secret launch commissions blueprint to generate “windfall” commissions.

In component #5 of the YouTube Cash Blueprints Program, I’m going to guide you step-by-step on how to make tons of affiliate sales from other’s “product launch” opportunities.

In the case studies, you’re literally looking over my shoulders and learning hands-on how I built the whole system from scratch.

The best part is, it’s “newbie friendly”.

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