FeFit – Workout (2016)

Overall, in just 30 days, I went from feeling bloated and lethargic to vibrant and on my way to great fitness and health.

I am a big fan of and believer in Fé Fit and truly owe my life to them for turning my health around and putting me back on track to a life of wellness.


Lose weight, feel sexy, get your confidence back.
get back into your skinney jeans, get back into that little black dress.

Fitness isn’t one-size fits all, we get that.
Our program includes 28 videos, 7 fitness genres, 5 workout programs-make your fitness fit your your busy lifestyle. Every workout is 30 minutes or less.

Get access to incredibly fun and effective workouts.
Designed for moms and women, with relatable instructions.

Get a customized nutrition plan.
This will help you achieve your health and fitness goals

So we decided to turn the guilt associated with taking time for yourself on its head. We are role models to our kids and families, and what we realized was that if we make health and fitness a priority, our kids will see that beinag healthy is important and develop healthy habits. In the end, it’s not about taking time, it’s about making time. As working professionals, we built our company and created our first product with busy women in mind. We’ve created a fun and effective workout program. More importantly, we have built an amazing community of women who are genuinely interested in fitness and health.

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Anja Garcia – Inferno Workout Program

Inferno is a 21 day challenge designed to push you to the max. You’ll be on your way to great results after just 3 weeks of super intense workouts. The program balances high-cardio with strength training.

Inferno is demanding, but lasts only 3 weeks. Each workout is under an hour, and includes a substantial warm-up to get your muscles and joints primed. You’ll get a balance of cardiovascular training, strength training, interval training, metabolic conditioning, and targeted training in a strategic combination designed to improve your physique. Afterwards, you’ll cool down to safely lower your heart rate and stretch the muscles you trained.

Workout Overview:

Metcon 1 is short for ‘Metabolic Conditioning’. These workouts are a series of bodyweight resistance exercises with little-to-no break in between.

Scale the Ladder is an inverted pyramid-style workout. You’ll push hardest when you’re fresh and decrease exertion for each round after that.

Cold Spike consists of circuits of 50-second exercise bursts followed by 10 seconds of rest, keeping your heart rate elevated for most of the workout. You’ll work on your body to the max during the course of 3 rounds and 9 different exercises.

Metcon 2 adds to the base developed in Metcon 1 with more rigorous exercises.

Power delivers explosive dynamic strength, increased agility, and unlocks your potential for improved performance.

Intervals includes quick bursts of high intensity followed by short rest periods.

Mobility days are used to repair your body and keep you fresh for your next hard workout.

Inferno Challenge is the ultimate test of your conditioning. You’ll try to do as many reps in as little time as possible at the end of every week.

Bonus Quick Workouts

Inferno WTF : Bodyweight Blitz is here to introduce you to the fiercest 15 minutes imaginable. Anja’s stacked Bodyweight Blitz with Rock Bottom Squats, Everest Claps and two types of pushups. Catch your breath? Maybe. See results? Definitely.

Inferno WTF : Plyo Power Got 15 minutes? How about a simple plyo box? That’s all you need for a wicked Inferno workout. Leap over it, dip down from it, push off it just don’t think about taking a break from it! Give it your all for just 15 minutes and see what you get back!

Inferno WTF Loaded Lower Body This 13 minute workout will blast your lower body and make you sweat. All you need is a pair of dumbbells, some water, and you’re ready to go.

Inferno WTF : No Crunch Necessary This 12 minute workout will push your core to its limit with no crunches necessary. Grab a towel and some water because Anja is going to make you sweat through this Inferno Challenge.

Equipment Required: Box, Dumbbells, Yoga Mat, Medicine Ball

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The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit 2018

Day 1: July 23, 2018

Russell Blaylock, MD
Alzheimer’s Disease: Shocking Truth About Amyloid Plaque
What You’ll Learn +
Niki Gratrix, BA, Dip ION, NANP
Dementia Warning: Uncovering the Threat of Emotional Stress
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website
Mike Adams
Toxic Food: Uncovering the Suppressed Truth
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website
Nadine Artemis
Protecting the Brain: Why You Should Care About Oral Health
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website

Day 2: July 24, 2018
View This Day’s Talks

Eric Zielinski, DC, MPH(c)
Best Essential Oils for Brain Health
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website
Bruce Fife, CN, ND
Coconut Oil Therapy: Fueling Brain Vitality
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website
James Maskell
James Maskell
Integrative Medicine: Solutions for Poor Brain Health
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website
David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS
Advanced Nutritional Strategies to Improve Brain Function
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website
Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD
Brain Longevity: Power of Meditation
What You’ll Learn +

Day 3: July 25, 2018
View This Day’s Talks

Donna Gates, MEd, ABAAHP
Body Ecology: A System of Healing for the Brain
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website
Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MS, FACN, CNS
Dementia Solutions: Overlooked Therapies Revealed
What You’ll Learn +
Thomas J. Lewis, PhD
End of Alzheimer’s: The Unspoken Truth
What You’ll Learn +
Dale Bredesen, MD
Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease: A Comprehensive Approach
What You’ll Learn +

Day 4: July 26, 2018
View This Day’s Talks

Olle Johansson, PhD
Wireless Technology: A Threat to Brain Function
What You’ll Learn +
Stuart Nunnally, DDS, MS, FAGD, FIAOMT, IABDM
Oral Infections: Alzheimer’s Disease Warning
What You’ll Learn +
Root Cause and Solution for Alzheimer’s and Dementia
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website
Charles Gant, MD, PhD
Link Between Plaque and Dementia
What You’ll Learn +
Mark Hyman, MD
Why Alzheimer’s is Being Called Type 3 Diabetes
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website

Day 5: July 27, 2018
View This Day’s Talks

Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN
Food Allergies: Direct Link to Brain Disorders
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website
Steven Masley, MD, FAHA
Brain Food: How to Make the Right Choice
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website
Peter Osborne, DC, DACBN, PScD
Diet Mistakes: How to Avoid Brain Inflammation
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website
Susan Peirce-Thompson, PhD
Optimal Brain Function: One Meal at a Time
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website

Day 6: July 28, 2018
View This Day’s Talks

Daniel Amen, MD
Protecting the Brain: What Science Tells Us
What You’ll Learn +
Michael Murray, ND
Best Nutritional Supplements for Brain Health
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website
Deborah Gordon, MD
Treating Dementia: 3 Ways to Prevent Memory Loss
What You’ll Learn +
Christopher Shade, Phd
Brain Defense: What to Do About Heavy Metal Toxicity
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website

Day 7: July 29, 2018

David Minkoff, MD
Link Between Lyme Disease and Alzheimer’s
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website
Sayer Ji
Stop Memory Loss: The Science Behind Healing
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website
Christopher Exley, PhD
Aluminum Toxicity: A Major Threat to Brain Health
What You’ll Learn +
Dr. Thomas Janossy
Uncovering the Trigger to Memory Loss
What You’ll Learn +
Visit this speaker’s website
Rick Panson
End Stage Dementia: Reversing Memory Loss

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Female Body Mastery

This DVD program helps men learn about the various ways to properly stimulate a woman’s body.

Bonus videos include:
– How She Rubs Herself
– Sex Drive Science

Bonus reports include:
– Sexting To Get Her Dripping Wet
– Seductive Touching

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Neuro-Orgasmic Connections
– A sensual place to kiss a woman above the waist
– Where to touch a woman when you’re making out
– What to say to a woman when she is about to climax
– 7 ways to create a connection during penetration sex
– How to know when a woman likes to have her ear kissed
– How to find out if a woman likes dirty talk without offending her
– The one place you need to kiss before you go down on a woman

Supercharged Seduction
– Seduction sequences
– The foreplay orgasm
– An eye contact technique
– Special massage techniques
– How to get the first kiss without being rejected

Advanced Erogenous Zones
– 5 ways to drive a woman wild
– A special spot on a woman’s thigh
– Where to massage a woman that relaxes the muscles that cause her to orgasm

The Science of Orgasmic Pleasure
– Different kinds of orgasms
– What makes a woman orgasm

Advanced Penetration Pleasure
– Little tricks to spice up normal positions
– Different positions for longer, more intense orgasms
– Advanced stroke techniques for multiple orgasms

What You Get 5 DVDs:

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Detox Dialogues – Heal & Strengthen The Body by Detoxing(2018)

There is no one-size-fits-all with health and detoxification…

Everyone is different…

In this summit, we have gathered top experts from around the world into one setting to help you find the best options for you to help you detox your body to overcome and prevent disease…

With your Premium Pass to the Detox Dialogues, you’ll watch and listen to 20+ experts giving you 5 full days of education and tips…

…all designed to help you detox naturally and live life to the fullest…

Here’s Why DETOX When Other Things Fail and Why The Detox Dialogues Can Transform Your Life Forever…

I’ve known the frustrations of wanting to change and improve my life and not being able to get there.

For years I was tired of hearing things like “do more exercise” and “eat better foods” because while I wanted to do those things…

I just couldn’t find an easy way to actually accomplish them. I always had these unconscious patterns running my life that kept me stuck where I was, struggling with my energy, bad skin, stubborn body fat, always getting sick and endless trips to the doctor.

It wasn’t until I started using Detoxification that I was able to recognize an actual shift in my long term health and actually feel different in my body. That’s when I knew things were different. My energy improved, my skin issues cleared up, I lost that suborn body fat and I found the love for life again…

Think About Any Challenges You’re Currently Dealing With, Whether They Be With Disease, Lack Of Energy, Weight Loss, Mental Clarity, Physical Pain, Overwhelming Emotions, Or Whatever Else You’re Struggling With…

Are there things that you could be doing, if there were absolutely no limitations on you, that would help this problem..?

For example with weight loss, could you be exercising more and eating better…?

I’m sure you’d say “yes, absolutely.” The challenge is of course the addiction patterns of the way we think, feel and act is different…

You see, our bodies have been HIJACKED by toxins, such as artificial sweeteners, preservatives and others.

Our bodies were never designed to take on that many toxins and they become overwhelmed.

When toxins accumulate inside they change the entire body system.

The result is slow metabolism, low energy, digestive issues, rashes, and other skin problems, premature aging, poor concentration, inability to lose weight, anxiety, and even depression.

This is what Detoxification does so beautifully..

The main focus of this detox is to rid your body of harmful toxins by cleansing your major organs: liver, kidneys, pancreas, lymphatic system and digestive tract so your body can start to heal itself!

A good Detox focuses on a diet that is rich in alkaline foods because if you eat too many acid-forming foods our bodies store the acid in the fat cells to protect organs and tissues; which makes losing weight difficult!

The only way to keep your body healthy and protected from dangerous toxins is to use a natural, nutritious and effective cleansing protocols.

Flu​sh Out Dangerous Toxins
Transform & Heal Your Body
Boost Energy Levels
Balance Your Hormones

There’s no reason to suffer from toxin build up any longer, start cleansing your body and feeling healthier than ever before.

I want you to be able to do what I did and what so many people have done with DETOXIFICATION, which is to drastically improve your life in a short period of time, in a way that is simple and effective…

I’ve brought together the world’s leading Detoxification Experts from around the world, to guide you in creating the life that you truly desire.

A life where you have the things you want like physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health…

…the weight, body and health you deserve…

…deep and meaningful relationships…

…and a level of stress that is normal and healthy.

I want to help you create a life that is truly fulfilling at its core!

That’s what the Detox Dialogues is all about and that’s why.

…I’ve brought together the world’s leading Detox experts to share their knowledge in 20+ content-packed presentations!

Here are the Speakers and Their Topics…
View Preview

Mason Taylor
The Rise of Medicinal Mushrooms
View Preview

Tyler Tolman
Making Detox Simple
View Preview

Dr Jay Davidson
View Preview

Dr Todd Watts
Toxicity and Parasites
View Preview

James Colquhoun
Detox Matters
View Preview

Dr Dan Pompa
The Detox Toolkit
View Preview

Dr. Tom O’Bryan
Wake Up To Detoxification
View Preview

Dr. Caroline Leaf
Switch on the Brain
View Preview

Wendy Myers
Detoxing Toxic Metals
View Preview

Erin Elizabeth
Detox to Lose Weight
View Preview

Dr. Deanna Minich
The Whole Detox
View Preview

Dr John Dempster
Detoxing for Gut Health
View Preview

Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Detox Through Food
View Preview

Sebastian Mierau
Sauna Detoxification
View Preview

Dr. Trevor Cates
Clear Skin From Within
View Preview

NIki Gratrix
The Impact of Stress and Trauma
View Preview

Joel Sprechman
Detoxing to Heal
View Preview

Lee Holmes
How To Detox The Gut
View Preview

Natalie Warner
Detox Protocols
View Preview

Jason Prall
Avoiding Toxins
View Preview

Hilde Larsen
Detoxification will Save Your Life

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Offline Merchant Alliance

“Offline Merchant Alliance” is a new launch ready to stack your Paypal account full of Commissions AND help business owners save the money they need to improve their bottom line! Its a Win-Win for everybody!

Launch date is June, 29 2018 at 11am EST.

There will be a 5 day launch promo then a price bump.

Hello JV friend,

Thanks for checking out my most exciting Launch yet. The details are on this page, but of course, if I missed something, go ahead email me or skype me anytime.

I’ve searched and searched… and I couldn’t find anything on WarriorPlus offering consultants a way to cash in on a service that many small business owners are paying too much for. So I am very excited because everyone who’s had an advance peek has called it “Very Original” in our space.

In a sea of other offers, “Offline Merchant Alliance” is unique and will attract your subscribers’ attention right away. They are ALWAYS looking for something that is so simple and pays consistently in the offline space. And I’m talking about RESIDUALS – do the work once and keep getting paid.
This “Statement Analyzing Service” Is A Simple And More Solid Money-Maker for Consultants… Here’s Why

Right now, there are 1000s of small business owners in your local area who process a majority of their daily sales with credit card transactions. Did you know that any consultant can easily show their prospects how they are paying too much? Then all they do is send the business owner’s information to someone else who analyzes, presents, and closes the sale! And the consultant gets paid ongoing!

Simple process for the consultant. Just refer the business owner’s info to get paid month after month
Someone else does the work for the consultant OR consultant does a little prep work and gets paid even more.
Get quality leads FREE and on autopilot
Fast track method for NOW leads to start your cash flow quickly
OTOs with step by step knock out instructions on how to combat what the merchant is currently using
OTO marketing materials for 8 of the top niches like restaurants, dentist, contractors, and more..
Analyze any business owner’s credit card processing statement for savings opportunities in 1 minute!

Thanks so much for your support, and lets ROCK this launch!

Direct Download Link: (No Need Download, No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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The Great Courses – Physiology and Fitness

36xDVDRip | English | MP4 | 640 x 480 | H.263 ~566 kbps | 30 fps
AAC | 98.1 kbps | 48.0 KHz | 2 channels | 36 lectures of 30 minutes | 5.43 GB
Genre: eLearning / Education lectures: Science, Physiology

If there exists a Fountain of Youth, exercise is it. The evidence, of course, is vast, with a multitude of studies highlighting the remarkable, life-enhancing benefits of staying fit. Whether your goal is to live to be 100, run a marathon, reduce your waistline, or just get the most from daily life, functional fitness is the foundation for active and dynamic living and the best quality of life you can have.

And the good news: Even a small amount of regular exercise can make a substantial difference. In fact, you can extend your life, increase your energy, and reduce your chances of acquiring a long list of medical conditions by getting as little as 15 minutes of exercise a day.

But even with knowledge of the benefits of staying fit and a desire to enjoy them, the world of fitness is not easy to navigate. In this era of multiple fitness fads, media-promoted health “gurus,”and an avalanche of exercise products and approaches, reaching your fitness goals can be challenging.
How do you find the right fitness program for yourself-one that is both scientifically sound and also appropriate for your own needs and goals?
If you already exercise but you’re not reaching your fitness goals, how do you get the best long-term results from your fitness work?
Moreover, how do you succeed in staying motivated, setting and meeting goals, and fitting exercise into an already busy schedule?

In Physiology and Fitness, international fitness expert Dean Hodgkin delivers inspiring and effective answers to these questions and more, showing you a new, scientifically based way to reach your own optimum fitness and to keep it for life. Physiology and Fitness presents a groundbreaking approach to fitness education that brings together scientific knowledge with results-driven practice in a wholly integrated system, allowing you to enjoy the rich vitality and health that prime fitness offers-whatever your age or current fitness level.

Experience the Extraordinary Rewards of Optimum Fitness

In 24 visually detailed lectures that include interactive demonstrations, as well as twelve 30-minute home-workout videos, Hodgkin takes you on a fascinating, eye-opening tour of your anatomy and physiology, showing you how your body functions and maintains itself and how all of its processes respond to exercise.

In Physiology and Fitness, you’ll learn in detail what happens inside your body when you work out and how to use that knowledge to feel your physical best and reach results such as
high and consistent energy for work, home life, and recreation;
a well-toned and flexible body;
a healthy body weight;
improved psychological well-being;
reduced stress and minimization of its physical effects;
improved physical agility, coordination, and balance;
reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, low back pain, and numerous other conditions; and
extension of the prime of your life and youthful activity.

This course provides a comprehensive fitness resource, whether you’re new to exercise, you work out regularly, or you’re an advanced fitness enthusiast.

Master the Science behind Exercise

In Physiology and Fitness, you’ll investigate the fundamental health-related components of fitness, comprising cardiovascular capability, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Using vivid diagrams and animations, Hodgkin leads you on a compelling discovery of the science involved, including these vital subjects:
The cardiovascular system: Study the miraculous mechanism of your heart and vascular network, how and why exercise strengthens your heart, and the role of cardio work in all phases of fitness training.
The muscular system: Discover the complex system of your muscles (the matrix of all physical movement), their individual functions, and how resistance training works to strengthen and tone your body.
Spinal engineering: Learn about the anatomy of your spine, spinal motion, and the important principles of “core strength,”with a focus on ways to target the spine-related muscles in exercises that promote back health.
The science of stretching: Learn about the vital role of stretching and flexibility in long-term health and longevity, and practice three types of stretching techniques for improving your range of motion, posture, and ability to relax.
The authentic laws of weight loss: By grasping the physiology of calorie burning, the laws of cardio and resistance training, and the principles of weight loss and maintenance, you’ll be better prepared to realistically achieve your optimal body composition.
Countering the aging process: Learn astonishing facts about aging, how numerous conditions we associate with getting older are actually the result of inactivity, and how exercise dramatically slows and can even reverse the effects of aging.

Workouts for Maximum Results

Following the 24 core lectures, the final section of the course presents 12 workout videos, each one finely honed to maximize your training time as you put your knowledge into practice. Featuring female and male models who are learning these routines for the first time, these 12 videos emphasize workouts that involve equipment-and those you can perform without it. In addition, the equipment used in these exercises is probably equipment you already have lying around, is inexpensive and easy to find, or (in most cases) can be improvised. Workouts include these types:

Body weight workout: Using only the weight of your body against gravity, you can do this sequence anywhere, anytime, working all areas of your body in 13 highly efficient exercises for functional fitness.
Dumbbell workout: A great approach for toning your physique, this weight training workout uses a range of dumbbell exercises that target alternating muscle groups in your arms, shoulders, legs, chest, and abdominal areas.
Step interval workout: With a simple step board platform, this workout combines cardio and strength training in a comprehensive range of exercises to burn calories, improve balance, and tone your body.
Balance board workout: This particular workout is highly effective for developing and improving your agility, balance, and core strength-and also involves 20% more muscle fibers than you’d use during a flat-surface workout.

A Thorough and Comprehensive Body of Knowledge
Highlighting his presentation with cutting-edge research from many sources, your instructor incorporates not only hands-on demonstrations of key points but video commentary from leading health experts, including Professor Steven Novella on the myths of fitness and aging, Professor Robert Sapolsky on stress reduction and exercise, and Professor Jason Satterfield on the link between exercise and a healthy mind.

A provocative and engrossing speaker, Hodgkin packs his lectures with surprising and enlightening information about fitness and the body, including these diverse topics:
The vital effects of exercise on your respiration, joints, and bones
Practical and effective ways to overcome barriers to exercise
How to stay active in the workplace, and how to integrate exercise into numerous daily activities
Proper and safe ways to exercise and to protect yourself from injury
How fitness training positively affects mood, well-being, and self-esteem
The remarkable benefits of balance training, water exercise, and exercise during pregnancy
How inactivity and sedentary living pose very real risks to your health
The astounding benefits of walking, for both overall health and weight loss

An Unprecedented Opportunity in Fitness Training
No other fitness program you will find offers this integrated body of materials and flexibility as a learning system. You can use the filmed workouts directly,
each one carefully constructed to make the most effective use of your exercise time. Or you can use the course material, demonstrations, and accompanying video glossary to build on the workouts, shaping your own fitness program to your personal preferences and modifying it over time as your needs change. With nearly two hours of DVD extra features such as
a comprehensive video glossary,
video FAQs, and a 3-D model highlighting the body’s major muscle groups

Physiology and Fitness is a vibrant and engaging way, one you won’t find anywhere else, to learn about health and fitness.
In this course, Hodgkin delivers an unmistakable message: Your ability to enjoy the best of life, day by day, year by year, is intimately related to your physical resources and the care of your body. Physiology and Fitness offers you nothing less than the chance to change the course of your own health and vitality-to build a strong, energized, and vital body, and to know the pleasure and freedom of optimum fitness for life.

Available Exclusively on Video
Because of the highly visual nature of the subject matter, this course is available only on video. It features interactive demonstrations, twelve 30-minute workout videos, a comprehensive video glossary, video FAQs, hundreds of images, graphics, and animations, and 3-D models highlighting the body’s muscular, skeletal, and circulatory systems to enhance your learning and effective practice.

Course Lecture Titles:

1 Components of Fitness

2 How Fit Are You?

3 Overcome the Barriers to Exercise

4 Your Heart in Action

5 The Fitness of Breathing

6 You Can Reduce Stress

7 Fitness and Pregnancy

8 Refuel, Recover, and Reenergize

9 Thinking-The Brain-Body Connection

10 Healthy Joints for Life

11 Protecting Yourself from Injury

12 The Amazing Benefits of Balance

13 Fueling Fitness

14 Why Everyone Should Exercise in Water

15 The Secret Life of Muscles

16 Strong to the Bone

17 Getting Your Back on Track

18 21st-Century Yoga

19 Walk Your Way to Fitness

20 The Amazing Benefits of Stretching

21 Stay Active-Defy the Aging Process

22 Sitting Disease

23 Exercise for Weight Loss

24 Mobilizers and Stabilizers-Managing Your Abs

25 Body Weight Workout

26 Medicine Ball Workout

27 Step and Interval Workout

28 Dumbbell Workout

29 Combat Workout

30 Fitness Ball Workout

31 Balance Board Workout

32 Kettlebell Workout

33 Plyometrics Workout

34 Resistance Band Workout

35 Training Bar Workout

36 Stretching Routine



The Great Courses Physiology and Fitness

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Yoga Magic Morning: Powerful Rituals for Your Best Day

MP4 | Video: AVC 1280×720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 1.5 Hours | Lec: 15 | 1.62 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Direct Download Link: (No Need Download, No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Life-enhacing tools for increased energy, clarity, beauty and joy

Mornings hold incredible magic and power, what you do after you wake affects how you move through the rest of your day. In this transformational course, I share a range of tools to help you to create a powerful morning routine. From movement and meditation to affirmations and journalling, these techniques have the power to supercharge your morning and ultimately change your life.

You’ll also find a a guest module form Dashama, who is an amazing yoga teacher that has one of the most successful yoga courses on . She shares ‘The Miracle of Miracles’ kriya, which will instantly uplift and inspire you, and it can have profound influence on your life. I’ve also included extras such as the best book recommendations, gratitude practices and infused water recipes.

Oh, and it’s all shot on the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Maui too.

The great thing about this course is that you can ‘test drive’ new techniques, and then custom make a personalised morning routine that is best suited to your needs and current circumstances. These teachings will help you to vibe-up, bliss out, and start every morning the right way.
Yoga Magic Morning Powerful Rituals for Your Best Day

Sales Page: Click Here
Value: $897
Download Size: 39GB
Direct Download Link: (No Need Download, No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Madsense Reborn 2.0

Over $200,000 in personal results
Profit in as little as 24 hours from right now
Real student results and testimonials
Works on Complete Autopilot
100% Ethical, Easy Method That’s Repeatable and Scaleable.
Copy our exact Templates, Ads and Shortcuts.
Now with easy free traffic
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Last Year We Shocked Both Beginners & Experts By Reinventing Adsense For Profits . With Passive Mini-Sites That Generate Passive Income Overnight!
A simple Adsense loophole that most people had completely forgotten about.
This method didn’t require:

The time & expense of figuring out SEO
Finding & creating backlinks & HOPING for traffic
Waiting for results – 24 hours from start to profit with this exclusive system

But Since Last Year, A Lot’s Changed. So We’ve COMPLETELY Updated This WINNING Method . And Are Even GIVING YOU A DFY Site To Start Earning With TODAY!
The System Is Easier, Faster & More Profitable Than Before . & And Even More Customers Are Making MORE Money With It
Talk Is Cheap. Results Are What Counts:
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Students MAKING Money
Ready To Do The Same & Change Your Life, Permanently? Snag Your Copy Today:

From the desk of:
Abdullah Ashraf, Tom Yevsikov & Gaurab Borah

Hey there, I’m Tom Yevsikov and on behalf of Abdullah & Gaurab & the entire Madsense Team, what I’m sharing today has the potential to change your life.

It changed OUR lives.

We’ve discovered a simple way to build passive adsense sites that require no big budget, no time to setup, no experience . and actually turn DAILY profits.

For as little as $5 up front, you can get Google itself to send you cash every single day.
Since 2017, Everyone Thought Adsense Was Dead. Except Google.
Good. MORE Profits For Us ?

The real secret to profits in ANY niche is to go against the grain. So while people are running away from Adsense . we’re running TOWARDS it.

Abdullah showed me and Gaurab his SIMPLE Adsense method that flat-out worked for anyone who used it.

A big budget
Relying on SEO
Taking risks
Wasting time on content creation

Everything is covered in a method so simple, ANYONE can follow along.
If It’s So Easy, Why Isn’t Everyone Using AdSense?

The PROBLEM begins with traffic and ends with how your website is setup.

Most people follow outdated traffic methods such as SEO, setting up backlinks, buying ranking fiverr gigs and creating special “SEO Friendly” Content.

And then after doing all that, they MAYBE get 100 visitors if they’re lucky .

Visitors that DON’T convert and if that’s not enough, Google wakes up one day & slaps the shit out of your website and all your backlinks and when that happens, you lose everything.

Forget that. It makes ZERO sense to build something that could disappear tomorrow. when instead you can easily create highly profitable, fully-automated Adsense sites.

Without depending on SEO, without creating articles and without spending a lot of money or time.

Back in 2017, when we realized MOST people thought Adsense was dead …

We also knew there were many Adsense millionaires out there and we just had to figure out WHAT they are doing.

How could we tap into this supposedly DEAD method and make 6 and 7 figures like those big guru’s do?

After thousands of hours of research, trial & error, failures & various tests we slowly started seeing better and better results.
Result? A Step-By-Step Method That Puts Adsense Profits On STEROIDS!

As our new mini-sites started topping 6 figures in profits, we began sharing this strategy with coaching students. and have now created MULTIPLE success stories with our method.

In fact, what I’m about to show you, has been selling for up to $997 on private webinars to students around the world and it’s the EXACT system that we use.

Over time, we’ve tweaked the system to add even more profitable loopholes & shortcuts.

And this system is what can change your life once and for all.

Just imagine life when you’re making an extra 5K each month . in under 30 minutes ‘work’ per day?

You can live off of it, scale it and reach six figures like my partner Abdullah does or you can simply take it easy and invest in your “main” business like Ecom, Softwares, CPA or anything that requires a budget.
It Is The Only Adsense “Copy-Paste” System That ANYONE Can Duplicate And Get The Same Results & Even Better.
With The Help Of Our Simple To Follow Method, You Can Create A Job Replacing Income Stream That Doesn’t Require Experience, A Big Budget Or A lot Of Time.

Direct Download Link: (No Need Download, No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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